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EPG Option 4 – Radio

Amend Your EPG once a week

£Low cost option for Radio Broadcasters at a special price.

Twice fortnightly updating and amending management of your Radio station’s EPG.

Editing Services Include:

  • Sub-editing your schedules to the required 34 character title and 180/200 character description limit.
  • Ensuring your programme titles and synopses follow the strict EPG guidelines.
  • Categorising your programmes by genre (e.g. COMEDY, HORROR, SOAP, SPORT, CHILDREN’S etc.)
  • Linking your programmes to each other with Series Linking (BSKYB/Freesat EPG only.) Programmes can be linked to other episodes in the same series or to related programmes or programmes of the same genre (e.g. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER can be linked to ANGEL, A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS can be linked to DIRTY HARRY.)
  • Preparing proofs and working with your press team to correct schedules where necessary.
  • Liaising with the EPG operator to ensure final proof and sign-off prior to the schedules being released.


  • Twice fortnightly updates and amendments service, incorporating same-day, minute-by-minute uploading of fresh data onto the EPG service.


  • Making certain that your EPG always contains 14 full days of listings in advance.

Regular Communications:

  • Frequent liaising between your press officer and the EPG technical departments.
  • Reports detailing the most up-to-date schedule, produced in any database/Word/Excel format, as and when required by your channel.
  • Any new features implemented by the EPG service will be incorporated at no extra cost.
  • Minimal additional charges for multi-platform channels (e.g. if you are broadcasting across BSkyB, Freeview, Freesat, or other Cable/satellite operators and EPG platforms. (in certain situations you won’t be charged extra.)

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